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Outdoor Entertaining

Backyard entertaining and outdoor kitchens are very popular. An outdoor kitchen typically consists of a grill, food-prep area, and storage. Other appliances, such as a small refrigerator for drink and food storage, or a sink for easy cleanup, can help increase your space’s efficiency.  By bringing the kitchen outdoors, the chef can still host, entertain, and enjoy the party just as much as the guests. An outdoor dining area can also be included so you and your guests can enjoy your meals outside.


Patios are some of the most versatile areas you can have in your outdoor space.  Adding a patio ensures that you’ll be able to use the space even during hot or rainy weather. Fans are also a welcome addition to help beat the Texas heat.

An outdoor bar can be a great addition to a patio, pergola, outdoor kitchen, or any outdoor entertaining area. 

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